Danika Salko, known to her friends as Stoolie, is Jax’s oldest friend.The two grew-up next door to each other and were forced to play together.

While Danika does not believe in the paranormal, she does believe in science, and acting, and make-up. Danika comes on haunts to see if the unexplained can be explained, which it usually cannot.

Danika has an extremely hot older brother named Matthew, who refuses to be on camera due to “unbelievable shame”.

Danika’s hobbies include:

  1. Buying makeup
  2. Stalking Laura Anderson on Facebook
  3. Putting on makeup
  4. At least three times a week takes all the dum-dum suckers and pens from the bank where Laura Anderson works
  5. Trying out new impressions on strangers
  6. Reciting the only monologues she knows, “We celebrate our Independence Day!” from Independence Day, in the mirror.
  7. Leaving rotten fruit on Laura Anderson’s porch
  8. Shadowing Sephora sales associates… until she is asked to leave
  9. Repeatedly watching the VHS tape of her only starring role as Laura in her High School’s production of Glass Menagerie… after Laura Anderson mysterious got food poisoning and had to drop out as the lead.
  10. Making sure her face is still symmetrical