Jacqueline “Jax” Brannigan

Lead Investigator & Paranormal Rock Star

Jax is the principal host of Ghost Getters. She had her first paranormal experience at age 9, when she saw a ghost. For real. A ghost that left a terrifying message in a steamy mirror “I’m a ghost. Boo!” and spoke to her from beyond the grave- in a voice that sounded exactly like Kermit the Frog… coincidence?

Forever changed, Jax began volunteering her time to haunted homes and knocking on doors when she “felt something” as she walked by. This was adorable when she was 10, but not some much now.

Deciding she needed to be taken more seriously in her pursuit of the truth, she assembled a crack team of investigators, called  “Jax and Super Duper Ghost Chasing Gang” later changed to “The Ghost Getters”.



Frank Kürtenbellz


Dr. Frank Kürtinbalz spent has a PhD in Para-Phenomenal Energy Studies and a minor PhD in Theoretical Engineering from George Washington Carver University.

He studied under the greatest Ghostologist PhD of this generation or any generation that will ever be – Dr. Edward “Spooky” Bones, PhD. Dr. Bones was most famously known as a small time jazz musician, one of the few who played the serpent.

Dr. Kurtinballz has had over five articles published in such prestigious journals as: Real Science Today; Real Science Monthly; Weird Real Science Tomorrow; India Physics Monthly; Cat Fancy


14212191_10154596139979917_4350542076207728795_n Nova “Sprinkles” Scotia

Clairvoyant Visionary

Nova Scotia realized her gift at a very young age when she helped her Great Aunt Brittany cross over to the other side. The other side being hell.

She has worked the last twenty years as a psychic.



Siobhan Tennant14224745_10154596060199917_4181377569593515532_n

Camera & Sound Master

UK national, born and raised in London, she wanted proof her childhood invisible friend was actually a ghost, as she’d always believed. As soon as she was able, she joined forces with the team behind “Most Haunted” to expose The Other Side. In her career, she has been able to capture inexplicable images and sounds that prove the existence of ghosts and specters. Former camera girl for “Most Haunted” and “Great British Ghosts”.

Siobhan often talks to someone named Rosalie. That or Rosalie is some weird ass British term for tea or whatever.



Darlene Deveroux 

ParaQuantum Mechanics

Darlene was born and raised in Georgia. While some may say she is from a simple background, her hairdressing mother and her mechanic father were self-taught quantum theorists.
She was home schooled through college and holds many different degrees. Her interest in ghosts came about when she was 9 and discovered a ghost in her barn named Elmer. She quickly started a Ghost Club with Elmer that lasted for 11 years, until they had a falling out over missing money from the petty cash fund.
In her spare time she founded and conducts Capoeira Therapy, a form of art therapy that uses Brazilian dance martial arts.




Danika is a childhood friend of Jax. While Jax would go on and on about ghosts, Danika would try to offer more scientific explanations for what was happening. She gives such insight as, “Ghosts don’t exist” and “No it didn’t” and “Get out of my house”.

She now comes along on missions to make sure that rational and logical possibilities are explored. She also started being our sketch artist because “she wasn’t getting enough air-time”.

You can also catch her in this month’s dinner theater production of “Waiting for Godot” where she is waiting tables.



Doug the Duck
Doug is a duck. Ducks can see the devil. Doug is a founding member of Ghost Getters.

In memoriam of the many, many Ghost Getters we have lost over the seasons.