Investigation Videos & Stories

Season 5 of Ghost Getters starts with a

RETURN to ColdTowne Theater

in Austin, Texas on October 24 at 8:30.

We will conduct a live investigation to find out the TRUTH. What really happened to three of our getters at our last investigation- almost one year to the day.


During a photo shoot in notoriously haunted tunnels we caught this entity in over ten photos.

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During filming of our per-investigation B-Roll in October 2016, we caught these doors opening and closing by themselves and you can see an orb fly from one door to the other.

Here is the inexpiable, most likely a ghost werewolf, video submitted to us for help.

Unexplained visual, most likely ghost, caught on camera during Ghost Getters filming.

Unexplained sounds, most likely ghost, caught on camera during Ghost Getters filming.

Ghost caught on film during Ghost Getters photo session.

September 2016. The team knew something felt off during this shoot and they were right. The film was full of unusual light glitches- on an overcast day- nearly impossible to be a camera/lighting problem. These frames were taken one after the other. Image 2 was enhanced slightly to help see ghost. What message did these messengers have for us?



Investigation 301

During the filming of episode 301 “Broken Home” we had one of the most concrete proof of a haunting we have ever captured. Also, Jax looks terrible, like really bad- was she possessed?

Plummer Cemetery, Austin Texas

September 10, 2016

Watch this behind the scenes outtake for a sneak peak at an outing the Ghost Getters recently had in Austin, Texas- Season 4, 2016.

New videos and stories of hauntings coming soon.