Dr. Kurtenbellz has a PhD in Para-Phenomenal Energy Studies and a minor PhD in Theoretical Engineering from George Washington Carver University. He is one of the world’s first scientists to delve into Theoretic Kinetic Architecture.

He studied under the greatest Ghostologist PhD of this generation or any generation that will ever be – Dr. Edward “Spooky” Bones, PhD.


He learned all of his greatest understandings from him, and his (un)dying wish was for him to share all he gave me with the world, including his PhD.

Sr. Spooky Bones was a semi-famous jazz musician during the 1960s to his mysterious death in 2005. He recorded 39 records, using his own money. Dr. Frank hopes to someday start his own band, not a jazz band, but more of a experimental polka group that covers Dr. Bones music.


Dr. Frank has written numerous articles regarding the paranormal and some have been published.  He has had 6 articles published in Cat Fancy, 4 regarding cat grooming and wet food, and 2 regarding the paranormal.

While some call Dr. Frank a phony or insane, the proud editors at Cat Fancy call him a friend.



Dr. Frank studied at the infamous MapGGDr. George Carver Compound also known as The George Washington Carver Institute of University, among many other names, thought to be changed for tax fraud.


 Dr. Frank discusses his life