Nova “Sprinkles” Scotia always knew she was special. Not only because her grandmother would consistently tell her that, but because she could see and hear things others couldn’t. Like dead people. Sprinkles would see the dead folks gather around her bed at night jibber jabbering and whatnot until she couldn’t take it anymore and told them to shut up. They looked butt hurt when she said that and it was then that she realized that maybe through all that noise and mist, these dead people were trying to tell her something. So Sprinkles started listening.

Sprinkles began talking with the dead everywhere she went; the grocery store, church, the movie theater. It was like she was never at a loss for friends because she had all these folks around her all the time. Yes, some of them were demons and shadow people who were up to no good, but being somewhat of a ghost-whisperer, Sprinkles knew how to handle them. They’d go shopping together, eat ice cream together and play pranks on old folks.

One day, while watching a poltergeist playfully throw around a neighborhood squirrel in the backyard, she noticed the neighbor screaming her head off and looking quite terrified. That day Sprinkles realized that not everyone appreciates the dead like she does and she realized that since she knew how to handle them maybe she could help. So, she told the poltergeist to put the squirrel down and take a hike. The poltergeist disappeared and the neighbor gratefully grabbed her pup and ran back into the house. It was then that Sprinkles knew what she was meant to do in this world.

The Sensational Sensations of Sprinkles